Take Me Home

Since 2004, the number of children who move through the US foster care system has skyrocketed to a staggering 813,000 annually. Statistics state that these children battle high rates of homelessness, unemployment, drug addiction, incarceration, and suicide once they age out of the system not to mention the exorbitant levels of physical, emotional, and sexual abuse they experience while in the system. Take Me Home is an emotional film that forces us to dig deep and question what our role is, in “the village” when the individual fails.

This film is intended to create public awareness around problems facing children who are stranded in an inadequate system by calling attention to various issues within the system that hinder the process of healthy and timely child placement and by highlighting the inspiring stories of groups and individuals who work tirelessly to help these children find permanent and loving homes.

Ultimately MilagroGrande Films hopes to aid child adoption by providing non-exploitive exposure to a national issue that is long overdue for solution.

The film is being shot in various locations throughout the United States.