Social Justice Media

What is Social-Justice Media?

In an effort to adequately describe the work we do, we have coined the phrase (and perhaps a new genre of film) Social-Justice Media.

Born out of the necessity to fight against media perversion and to stop the use of media as a tool to create fear, distort the perception of reality, and exploit capitalistic gain.

Social-Justice Media, as we define it, is a genre that bridges the cross-section between art and social justice, pushing beyond the documentary genre of informing and teaching to specifically advocate action.

Media in this genre, be it narrative or documentary, MUST not only expose national and global issues affecting mankind but must also PRESENT SOLUTIONS to those social dilemmas.

While not that many people are using the phrase just yet, we hope that it catches on and inspires many to not just talk about the problems but actively work towards creating solutions and building a better world.